The first transnational meeting of the PSYCLIC Project took place at Saarland University on 2nd and 3rd of September 2021. All project partners from University of Barcelona, University of Groningen, UAB Learnkey and Saarland University have met in order to discuss their extensive qualitative and quantitative data analysis that builts the foundation for determining and planning the next project steps.

The comprehensive data analysis included focus group discussions, scientometric analyses and a digital readiness check. Especially the focus group discussions highlighted the great need for action, that will be addressed by the PSYCLIC Project: In close exchange with climate activists from groups such as Fridays for Future, Psychologists for Future as well as NGOs, working in the field of climate protection, the participants confirmed that there is a considerable need for psychological expertise in different areas of climate change work. On the one hand, knowledge about designing effective interventions in order to change the public awareness for climate change would support the measures conducted by these groups and on the other hand organizational psychology could improve the volunteer work itself by implementing effective project management tools, team conflict trainings as well as stress management workshops.

We intensively discussed best methods to incorporate the identified content into the university seminar on climate change psychology. Considering the advice of our technological partner UAB Learnkey, all Partner Universities have agreed on a digital self-learning concept, which will include interactive group work phases. The next weeks and months will be dedicated develop the content of the seminar, in the areas of environmental psychology, social psychology as well as industrial- and organizational psychology.

As a result from these two days, there were not only productive discussions and analyses, but also an interdisciplinary project team that grew together through shared culinary and cultural experiences in the city of Saarbrücken. We´re looking forward to continue with the good work and to the next meeting in Barcelona (March 2022).

In short: PSYCLIC is on track and the whole team is on board!