The Multiplier Event day organized at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Barcelona, entitled: “Climate Resistance or Resilience?” featured a round table composed of 7 invited speakers from various institutions and organizations ranging from the international to the local level.

It featured the participation of:

AMAYA CELAYA ALVAREZ. Architect. Urban Climate Resilience Advisor, United Nations / International Organization for Migration / European Commission

CAROLE MARIA CONFORTI. Co-founder and President of the International Kosma Observatory of Environmental Diseases.

RICARDO DE CASTRO MAQUEDA. Environmental Psychologist, Andalusian Board. Head of Environmental Education and Training Service between 2008 and 2020. Coordinator of the Andalusian Environmental Education Strategy. Responsible for the Andalusian Ecobarometer.

MIREIA BOSCH MATEU. Social Communicator. OPCIONS Cooperative, reference entity in conscious consumption

HELENA BARRANCÓ NOGUÉS. Environmentalist. Office of Climate Change and Sustainability of the City Council of Barcelona. Strategic Plan of Sustainability Culture and Climate Action 2021-2030. Plan Let’s Change for Climate 2030

LLORENÇ WITTY POU and DANIEL TURÓN. Extinction Rebellion and Teachers for Future. Regenerative Culture.

It had 50 in-person attendees and 10 online attendees from various backgrounds and disciplines. In addition to learning about the contents developed within the framework of the Erasmus+ Psyclic Project, the day also proved to be a space for interaction and networking among the attendees.

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