Digital Readiness Check

In the framework of the Psyclic project, a digital readiness check was conducted to assess the willingness of university staff members to incorporate climate change topics and e-learning formats in their psychological teaching. The aim was to explore the digital readiness of educators in the field of psychology and their attitudes towards integrating innovative and contemporary teaching methods.

Focus Group Report

The recent report on focus group discussions with climate activists provides valuable insights into the psychological dynamics of climate activism and volunteer work. The report identifies several key findings that shed light on the motivations, challenges, and potential psychological issues faced by climate activists. By prioritizing intrinsic motivation, addressing potential burnout and psychological issues, and improving communication and leadership, climate change groups and organizations can create more effective and sustainable engagement with their volunteers and supporters.

Working Paper: Climate change and psychology – scientometric analysis

A scientometric analysis examining the intersection of climate change and psychology reveals the presence of a WEIRD bias, with research predominantly focusing on Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic societies. This bias hampers the inclusivity and representation of diverse cultural perspectives in understanding the psychological dimensions of climate change. Furthermore, the analysis highlights an uneven output in research topics.