The transnational meeting of the ERASMUS+ project PSYCLIC took place in Barcelona on January 12th and 13th, 2023. The meeting included in-depth discussions and presentations, focusing on the feedback from students who participated in the piloting phase.

During the meeting, participants discussed the results of the pilot phase and considered how they could be used to improve the project’s implementation plan. The presentations covered various aspects of the project, including the role of psychology in climate change, the design of the project’s training modules, and the development of innovative teaching methods. The feedback of the students was very constructive and helped a lot to improve the existing e-learning course.

The discussions also focused on the importance of engaging students in the project and developing their understanding of the psychological aspects of climate change. After all, one major concern of the project was to open up a new career path for psychology students.

In conclusion, the transnational meeting of the PSYCLIC project in Barcelona provided an important opportunity for participants to share their experiences, discuss feedback from the piloting phase, and develop an implementation plan. The consortium set up a plan for a productive final phase of the project and is looking forward to the last transnational meeting in March.