One of the core aims of the PsyClic project is to share knowledge about why people engage more or less in climate-related behaviors and how to manage those actions individually, socially, and organizationally. Therefore, collaborating with an initiative focused on implementing a more sustainable future was an obvious step for us.

PsyClic, in collaboration with De Hub Haren and artists Ineke de Vries ( and Wiebke Keck ( created an event open to artists, social workers, and health care practitioners oriented to making the world a better place in Groningen (Netherlands).

Ineke de Vries tackles the interaction between artistic creation, gender, and sexuality. Wiebke Keck focuses on how conceptual compositions can change people’s perceptions. Finally, Gabriel Muinos introduced during the event how open education can also be an impactful tool to reduce and adapt to climate change.

After visiting the premises to explore the new possibilities De Hub Haren offers, attendees celebrated the convergence between different groups of people who share a common aim, making the world socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable.